Welcome to Brett Nachman News!Brett Ranon Nachman

I wear many hats: Doctoral Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, higher education researcher, instructor, writer, presenter, student leader, and academic programming organizer. These roles extend to my research projects, written endeavors, leadership roles, and public speaking venues. Collectively, they are tethered to my commitment in developing and delivering creative, thought-provoking, novel and powerful content.

My primary research interests, which tie back to several of my current endeavors, are centered on studying the experiences and portrayals of college students on the autism spectrum, as well as examining the transfer pathways of community college students.

It’s not the list of skills that make a person, but rather how that person utilizes those skills – in a responsible, ethical manner – to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I hope to demonstrate that my skills reflect my work ethic and dedication to always reaching to be my best. More importantly, though, I aim to leverage my talents and various roles to help others in their respective educational and professional pursuits.

Brett Nachman News represents a snapshot of my career, from my undergraduate journalistic days to my current work in academia.

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