2012 Scottsdale Community College Board of Chairs, Student Speaker

Brett Nachman, SCC Board of Chairs 2012Scottsdale Community College’s (SCC) annual Board of Chairs event aims to encourage community members to offer funding and support toward the institution. I was lucky enough to be one of three students selected to speak at this presentation. I discussed how I applied SCC’s Presidential Scholarship (which I used over four semesters at SCC) to help me achieve my educational goals. I took advantage of a variety of learning/leadership opportunities at the college. My goal was to speak from a first-hand perspective of how scholarships can help facilitate students like me to benefit from the college experience. In the process we can help other students participate in SCC’s framework of activities and educational prospects, improving their college experiences along the way. Fellow students Manuela Mikesell and Carrie Bradley also delivered incredibly-moving speeches, discussing the challenges they overcame to reach college and what they have reached during their SCC experiences as a result.

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