Scottsdale Chronicle

scottsdalechronicle My two full years with the Scottsdale Chronicle newspaper at Scottsdale Community College allowed me to develop and refine my skills in: reporting news stories; writing opinion pieces; determining content coverage; editing other individuals’ work; designing features; and leading a team.

Brett NachmanI started out as a reporter during my first semester in spring 2010, paving a path that would lead me to serve as News Editor (August 2010 – December 2010), Managing Editor (January 2011 – May 2011) and eventually Editor in chief (June 2011 – December 2011).

Each of these roles provided me the chance to develop new abilities and meet different types of challenges. This period was marked by much personal and professional growth, these learning experiences helping define my academic and occupational course. Below is a sampling of the mix of 25+ news, commentary and features I produced. More pieces will be featured on Brett Nachman News in the future.

9-11chronicle“The Day The Earth Stood Still” was a special, extra edition of the Scottsdale Chronicle, released one week prior to the tenth anniversary of the tragic Sept. 11 events. I produced the feature story over the entire summer, leading up to its September publication, interviewing Scottsdale Community College or Scottsdale-based individuals associated with the tragedy. I am quite proud of being able to compile these stories into a cohesive narrative structure, which resonated with readers. (Click on the picture to view the feature)

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