Here are some of the videos (vlogs) I have created for my online writing platforms, including Disney In Depth on Geeks of Doom and Etiquette with Brett. The top videos come from my presentations/speaking engagements.

Epcot’s Evolution Honors Thesis Defense

Scottsdale Community College Commencement Address

Clinton Global Initiative University – Jimmy Kimmel speaks with the Clintons

“7 Favorite Things on the Disney Fantasy”

“12 Reasons to Visit The Walt Disney Family Museum – Disney In Depth”

“‘The Lone Ranger’ – Not The Train Wreck You Have Been Expecting”

“Disney Cruise Line 10 Geeky Things To Do on a Disney Cruise”

“Etiquette with Brett: How to Properly Introduce Friends to Other Friends”

“Etiquette with Brett: Phone Etiquette”

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