Arizona Animal Welfare League (Photo by Brett Nachman)

When I first volunteered at the Arizona Animal Welfare League  (AAWL) during a service project day through Scottsdale Community College, I was instantly interested in taking this to another level. I had always wanted to volunteer with animals, one of my passions, and I ended up translating that into a most rewarding, continuous community service endeavor.

Brett Nachman at Arizona Animal Welfare LeagueI volunteered at AAWL from July 2011 through July 2015. Initially I helped out in solely the kennel area, but as time passed, I became more involved in different arenas, my volunteering duties have expanded. As a volunteer, I was one of hundreds of AAWL ambassadors, providing education to the public and helping make these animals more adoptable. In October 2014, I garnered the “docent” status based on my number of service hours. Here were some of my roles:

    • Mentor (train new kennel volunteers during “Buddy Days”)
    • New Volunteer Orientation Presenter (speak to new volunteers during orientation sessions and guide them on shelter tours)
    • Dog Socializer (provide exercise, socialization and upkeep for canines)

Brett Nachman speaks to audience members at Arizona Animal Welfare League's New Volunteer Orientation

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