Write On, Downtown (ASU Downtown Magazine)

Write On, Downtown 2014

I served as one of the editorial board members of ASU Downtown’s annual┬ástudent writing and art magazine (Write On, Downtown) for both the 2013 and 2014 editions.

My responsibilities, along with my fellow board members, included judging a few hundred anonymous entries (and determining which should be included in the journal), determining criteria for the evaluation process, organizing the journal layout, selecting featured photography, editing pieces, and developing the luncheon/awards ceremony function that celebrated the authors’ work.

Write On Downtown 2013 cover

Additionally, I took on a few unique tasks for the 2013 journal, including co-writing the introduction, influencing the direction of the overall organization (basing the structure on thematic elements), and designing award certificates.

Since the judging process was done anonymously – authors’ names were not attached to their respective works – other board members were unaware that they had in fact selected my submission (a piece of creative nonfiction) until the ceremony. I was honored and proud that Back-tracking, my story, a postmodernism work utilizing personal relativism, was featured in the 2013 journal alongside engrossing stories, essays and other pieces.

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